We weren't sure if this was the right venue for us, so we didn't exhibit. We wanted to feel out the market first to see if it was a "right fit"...we think it was. We expected to find stodgy, established greeting card companies set in their ways (we found some!), but we were surprised by the open reception and interest in our product by many of the booths we approached. The show had a bit of everything - from paper and supplies manufacturers to hand-crafted products. Lots of stuff to see!

We feel that Gift Ticket crosses a lot of boundaries - payments, gift cards, lottery, greeting cards - so we were excited to meet the folks behind iGreet. iGreet is a company that gives the end-user an augmented reality experience with their greeting card. They had been on our radar previously and it felt it reassuring to find other innovators crossing the "old" with the "new."

We also learned that everyone is super-helpful if you just ask. We had retailers and people from the press who were able to give a lot of great feedback and even put us in touch with capable distributors.