Frequently Asked Questions | The Gift Ticket

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GiftTicket?

The receiver gets a physical scratch-off card and is flooded with anticipation for winning. Yet, unlike lottery scratch-off tickets, this one is rigged to win. The person gifting has fun toying with emotions while being on the receiving-end of enhanced gratitude. It's like a cash gift card without the risk of losing or wasting money!

How do I send a GiftTicket?

Simply order from the website and pay with your PayPal account.

How does it get delivered?

We send it First Class Mail through the US Postal Service.

How does a GiftTicket get redeemed?

The person receiving the gift goes to and enters the unique code under the scratch-off area. The person who bought the GiftTicket will receive an immediate text/email notification with a link to pay the recipient the "winning amount" directly using PayPal®.

Do I need to know if my recipient has a PayPal® account?

No. When you pay someone through PayPal®, they'll get an email prompting them to create an account. They can choose to transfer the money to their bank account or spend it wherever PayPal® is accepted.

Who is responsible for paying the winning amount?

The person who bought the GiftTicket.

Can the GiftTicket be redeemed at lottery retail locations?

No. The GiftTicket can only be redeemed online.